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Oh, the places you’ll go!

Sanford’s smallest baby graduates from high school

In 2000, Emma Bader was born three months early and weighed only 14 ounces. At the time, she was deemed the smallest baby ever born in South Dakota. Since then, she’s proven time and time again that no challenge can hold her back!

After her birth, the tiny infant stayed in the Sanford Children’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for four and a half months, growing stronger every day until she could go home.

When Emma was just 6 months old, she was fitted for hearing aids after her family learned she was profoundly deaf. Before the age of 5, she endured four surgeries, including heart surgery at 17 months old.

Through it all, Emma maintained her “wild personality,” according to her mom, Hope.

Now, at 18, Emma has earned a black belt in taekwondo and embraced music. She plays seven instruments, performs in youth symphony and participates in Lincoln High School’s marching band.

Because of the generous donors to Sanford Children’s Miracle Network, tiny NICU babies, like Emma, get a chance for a bright future.

With every gift to Sanford Children’s Miracle Network, you help Miracle Kids reach significant milestones, like the one Emma will celebrate this weekend: graduating from Lincoln High School. She’ll spend the summer preparing for college where she’ll study special education.

On behalf of kids like Emma, thank you!